Paige L.

Fernando gave a rookie like me with a passion for design and dance a chance to express myself freely through art and on the dance floor. He told me once that your dream is not chasing you, it’s running to you. I will never forget that as you can see since it’s 20 years later and I remember it as if he told me yesterday. Thank God for inspirational people like him to open up the eyes and doors for so many people who would otherwise be too afraid to take a chance. My life is forever changed because he believed in me. As for you, Dawn, you are an amazing dancer. It was a pleasure and honor to have danced with you. You always amazed me! Keep on following your passion and dreams. You never know who you’re inspiring. ❤️


To say that I am grateful, excited, and beyond blessed for tonight is an understatement. Avery began her dance journey at a few other studios in Wallingford when she was very small. Right away, I knew that her needs as a dancer were not being met. Plastered smiles and points towards medals were not what motivated her. I immediately removed her and researched a studio that would allow her the creative freedom to move and dance with her heart! United Rhythms was our last stop! Moscow started technique with Avery when she was 61/2 year’s old. She has groomed her to be poised and controlled on the dance floor, and to find confidence within herself off the dance floor. This level of investment into their dancers is nearly impossible to find. Fernando began teaching Ave hip hop. He too demands 100% on the dance floor, but has taken on roles as a “father figure” to Avery and to so many of his teachers. He has even taken in teachers in to live with his family when in need. The hearts and pure/authentic desire for goodness is what drives this studio! The energy in this video, the innocence, the joy is pure! I believe in roots, in “the ground up” and gratitude for people that give without agendas! Thank you Moscow and Fernando for giving Avery a place to “let it go!” Perfection is not attainable, but you have made Avery and these dancers feel pretty damn awesome! 


Fernando Alers I really just needed to say thank you! Thank you for having our class of 5 girls! It may be small but we have the same amount of thrive as a class of 10! I’ve always admired you as a teacher. The words you have spoken to us during a class always seemed to be at the right point when i especially needed to hear them! It always seemed you knew how myself or others were feeling and just needed that extra talk. The sarcasm you brought to our class and the laughter and the jokes just made it easier to feel comfortable. I can’t wait to continue another year with UR! Thanks again.


What can I say about this man? He is a true inspiration to so many of us that call United Rhythms are home. He is family. Being involved in the music industry from a very young age, and having to deal with the dirty and shady parts of the business, you learn to read people and to detect who are the ones that will have your back and have your best interest in mind. Fernando Alers is definitely that person to me. If he knows you have a talent, whether it be related to dance or not, he is the first to promote it and give you whatever platform he can for you to develop it. After every single meeting or conversation with him, I leave feeling motivated and knowing I can do anything, and that I have someone who lives and breathes LOYALTY, a quality that is pretty hard to come by in the entertainment industry, in my corner. Thank you for always believing in my talent and pushing me to be the best performer I can be. I am beyond grateful to you and Moskow Karen Alers for everything you’ve done for Nyara and me ❤️


The best, most down to earth mentor anyone can ask for who never points out what the negatives are or says “you shouldn’t,” but always says “you should...” And UR is such a perfect example of how one thriving business creates and promotes other thriving businesses and artists. UR’s light is far reaching! So grateful for Fernando and Moskow and their willingness to share their experience with us all.


I feel extremely blessed to dance side by side with my beautiful Cristina! I always remember waiting for the day when she was old enough to be in the teen/adult class and now, us taking classes together 😃

A feeling I cannot describe.

Dancing and performing has always been a part of my life and going back as a teenager, I will always remember when I first met Fernando Alers (before UR) and that relief of finally finding that dance space with someone who had a vision, a passion beyond words, a fire and a love for dance that I have never seen before! Now, how many years later? LOL I rather not say but my love for dance has never dissipated, it is as strong as it ever was. We all grow up, go to school, get married, have children, and through it all, our ups and downs, one thing that never stopped was dancing at the studio. For that I am truly lucky and grateful! And, to have a daughter who loves dance just as much as I do is icing on the cake. 💕So thankful to say the least. Thank you to my UR family and meeting some amazing people along the way! Thank you Fernando Alers and Karen Alers (Moskow) for our friendship and for the many years we have danced together, seeing our children grow up together, and being there for each other for all of life’s challenges. ❤️